portia de rossiHow do they do it? Celebrities we mean. With their shiny, ultra bouncy curls. Shoot, if we could have curls like that we'd do them up every day! We can have curls like that?! Say what?

Yes, it's possible to get ultra glamorous curls that bounce and stay put all at once!

Here's what you need:

• Volumizer
• Round brush
• 1¼ inch curling iron
• Bobby pins
• Hairspray

Here's how:

1. Spray hair all over with volumizer.

2. Blow dry with a round brush.

3. Roll small sections around a 1¼ inch curling iron, setting into pin curls as you go. Stop about three inches from roots.

4. Gently blast hair with cool air to set the curls.

5. Remove pins. Gently brush out curls. Spray layers closest to head to keep the outer layer sleek.