A lawyer holds two silicone breast implantsIs good, old fashioned natural beauty making an unexpected comeback? The popularity of surgically enhanced bodies has been skyrocketing for as long as we can remember, but it's beginning to look like the winds of change are finally blowing in the opposite direction. According to the NY Times, sales of breast implants, botox, and even less expensive facial fillers are all taking it on the chin as Americans can no longer afford to finance their way to a more idealized physique.

Sure, it seems like a no-brainer that sales are falling for elective surgeries as the economy spirals down a big black hole, but only a few months ago, it was projected that 17% of Americans will get an unnecessary cosmetic procedure by 2015. Now, it appears that wrinkled faces, moobs, and unaugmented breasts may be part of the look that is being referred to as "recession chic."

Granted, this doesn't exactly mark the end of unrealistic expectations or outrageously altered body parts through the miracles of modern medicine -- since it's pretty much a given that the drop in procedures is caused by lack of funds, not a change in aesthetic tastes.

Still, it's possible that this recession is the one event large enough to alter America's path towards a radically over-enhanced plastic population. Do you think that Americans be rushing to the surgeon as soon as economic conditions improve? Or will this downturn lead to a more lasting change?

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