gwyneth paltrow at the grammy'sGwyneth Paltrow is a talented actress, a beautiful woman, a lauded fashionista -- and an idea thief? She's being accused of stealing the idea for her GOOP website. Owner of The Beet, another alternative and healthy living site, says that she e-mailed one of Gwyneth's friends to show off her idea and shortly after that, GOOP appeared.

The woman, Mary Kate Hearon, says, "I never thought in a million years she'd . . . create her own site very similar to The Weekly Beet . . . (Goop has) the therapies I've tried, the foods I love, the detoxes that work! A lot of the same stuff!"

Mary Kate adds that when she met with Gwyneth and her husband, "the way she treated me was so scary! She was sooooooo nasty to me, it was scandalous! Chris [Martin] the utmost gentleman, stood to shake my hand, but she smirked and was silent when I asked how her dinner was."

Gwyneth's people say she's never even heard of Hearon, let alone met her, and that the claims are ridiculous.

Stealing is a serious Stylefoul! Gwyneth might be respected amongst the fashion industry but ripping off another person's idea isn't going to win her any credibility with the holistic living set.

That being said, the idea in general for GOOP really isn't that original -- healthy living -- bet you've never heard of that before. So we don't think that Ms. Hearon will have much of a copyright claim. But, all the same, this is just another reason for the Gwyneth haters of the world to keeping on hating.