Herbal Essences Hydralicious
No, we're not being hyperbolic; Herbal Essences' new shampoo and conditioner collection is called "Hydralicious." It comes in three varieties, and, as you might expect, they all smell ridiculously good.

They even have a cool function on their websitecalled "Product Hookup" which helps you figure out which Hydralicious product you need!

The Featherweight Hydrator, which contains water lily nectar and passion fruit, is for hair which needs volume (the moisturizers won't weigh it down).

The Self Targeting Hydrator with red vanilla and whipped aloe has a new polymer called Liquid Crystal which seeks out more damaged areas of your hair and gives it more moisture. If your perm is growing out, this is for you.

Finally, the Reconditioning Hydrator with shea and Hawaiian sea silk is for your dry, damaged, frizzy hair; basically, it's the most moisturizing of the three.

The special swirls you see on the shampoo bottles are actually in the bottle; it's clear. The hydralicious shampoos are swirled with hydrating conditioners which moisturize as you lather.

Are they fancy, as in, more expensive than usual? No. These shampoos and conditioners cost the same as the old ones (around $3 at the drugstore), so you can't really go wrong giving them a try!