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I have a little leak for you kind readers! In fact, you have a chance to actually pick which dress will be worn by an Oscars escort on the night of the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

Oscar fashions are normally top secret. Most celebs don't even know who or what or even the color of the dress they will be wearing until that morning, but we have the scoop on what to expect.

Red and yellow gowns might as well be thrown off the roof this year. This year designers from around the country are fashioning silver, black and white, what designer Alan del Rosario declared is "old Hollywood glamor." It's a year of the return to basics. No more extravagance. This is a year of the recession, but that doesn't mean Hollywood won't celebrate in style.

The Awards Escort will wear one of seven dresses in the photo gallery. So take a look and vote!

Oscar Fashion Preview

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