preparation hWe have heard about this little beauty trick so many times – use Preparation H to smooth out the undereye area. It's top makeup artists' secret weapon and, best of all, it's super cheap. But is there any real evidence to back up the claim?

To be honest, no. There has never been a clinical study done on the use of Preparation H for the eyes. But so many people swear by it, right? True -- one of the yeast ingredients found in the cream was said to reduce puffiness. However, that ingredient is no longer in the American version of Preparation H. There is still phenylephrine, an ingredient that reduces inflammation by temporarily constricting blood vessels. But this can cause even worse inflammation later, burning sensations, or extremely dry, sensitive skin. For a temporary effect, is it worth the long term suffering?

And to be frank, you're supposed to put the stuff on your ass, so the thought of using it on our face kind of freaks us out. Although we're firm believers of "don't knock it 'til you try it," we're still going to leave this one on the shelf where it belongs.

via Real Simple