Dylan's Candy Bar Display
If you've seen candy panties, well, points to you. But you probably haven't seen candy panties like the ones from Dylan's Candy Bar.

Amid the other dirty, tasty treats on the table, we saw candy underwear that looked just like those candy necklaces you used to wear as a kid! They have them as a thong, a "pouch" (for men), and a bra. It's so wrong, it's right.

If your Valentine likes sugar, Dylan's Candy Bar is a good place for you to shop. Really good. Like, just go there already because they have everything you've never thought of making out of candy made of candy. We put together some of our favorite naughty items in the gallery below to get you started. Have a sweet Valentine's Day!

Naughty Treats From Dylan's Candy Bar

Candy BraPosing PouchStrip Chocolate Board GameChocolate Lover GirlChocolate Lover Boy