Jay-Z raps at the 2009 Grammy AwardsIf you watched Sunday night's 2009 Grammy Awards -- or you happened to flip past CBS at exactly the right moment like we did -- you got to see the most star-studded hip hop group since NWA performing a remixed version of "Paper Planes," entitled "Swagga Like Us." The show-stopping jam featured verses by Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, T.I., Jay-Z, and M.I.A -- but it was one of Jay-Z's rhymes that is sparking controversy in the world of hipster fashion, "no one on the corner/got a bop like this/don't wear skinny jeans/'cause my knots won't fit."

Jay-Z's assertion that tight pants crowd his man junk -- because we're pretty sure he meant that they're literally too tight for comfort -- raises a practical question that's been on the minds of many since skinny jeans made their comeback. Do guys who wear skinny jeans endure self-inflicted man pain for the sake of fashion?

Last time super tight pants were in style, the mid 80's, studies showed that wearing tight pants could reduce a man's sperm count. Not because the style is emasculating -- though that's certainly up for debate -- the reason being that the testes need to be a few degrees cooler for proper sperm production. Clothes that hold them closer to the body = warmer weather in the crotch.

Soon after that news broke in the 80's, baggy jeans started making their way in and skinny jeans headed to Goodwill en masse. If history really does repeat itself, and Jay-Z's prophetic comment on skinny jeans hits home, we could be at the end of the skinny jeans era.

Are we about to witness the reemergence of testicle-friendly jeans? If so, how baggy are we going to go this time?

Another prophetic sign that points to a mid 80's style warp was Kanye's mullet. What did you think of that?