Rebecca & Drew in NYC's West Village
Rebecca & Drew is breaking your glass ceiling. For years, women have worn ill-fitting shirts to the office. We didn't have many options. Not anymore! Not only are Rebecca & Drew shirts sized by body type and bra size, but they are gorgeous. They can make shirts completely customized just for you, down to the collar and cuffs. They make other clothes, too, and it's all gonna fit you like crazy.

If you live in New York or Houston, Texas, you can walk into a Rebecca & Drew store and try on one of their navy blue shirts (see gallery). The shirts come in Soft and Smooth or Strong and Confident and bra sizes from 32A to 38DD (but we're sure they'd make you something bigger or smaller if you asked nicely). If you're above 5'6, you should probably also select "tall." If you order online and get the fit wrong the first time, they'll exchange it for free -- super free, like, they'll even pay the shipping.

Once you find the shirt that fits you, you know what size you need in absolutely everything in their store. They have great dresses and tops, but their most important, landmark item is their button-down shirt. The shirts are great -- don't even get us started on the double-button strategery that keeps you from exposing the ladies from the side. Have a look through our gallery to see the great customization options available, or order your own custom shirt online now (click on "Do It Yourself").

The regular shirts run at $195 and the short-sleeved ones are $175.

Rebecca & Drew

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