sephora by opi nailpolishWe love when two great brands pair up to make an even greater product. Fabulous beauty emporium Sephora teamed with creative geniuses at OPI to create an exclusive, fun and green line of nail polish that has become our latest beauty addiction, the eponymous Sephora by OPI.
With 54 colors -- so far -- and a formulation that is chip-resistant as well as free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde, we expect that eco-conscious fashionistas will be satisfying their springtime-bright-finger cravings in droves. And budget-conscious fashionistas will be standing in line next to them, because it's priced to sell at $9 a bottle.

Our first color pick was Metro Chic, a grey-purple-wet clay color that has all of the mystery of black polish, without any of the dreary. Then, just for kicks, we had to have the juicy tangerine of Hi Def. For our next choice we're thinking something sparkley, either the pink and frosty Shopping Frenzy, or the cool and metallic silver Social Climber.

Oh, who are we kidding. We'll probably have them both in the next 24 hours!