Kanye performs at the 2009 GrammysFor any of you who missed the coronation of "Martin Louis the King Jr.," formerly known as "The Louis Vuitton Don," Stylelist posted the video a few weeks ago. One thing you might have noticed about the new Kanye West in the video is a vaguely familiar hairdo -- one that showed up again this week at the Grammys. What do they call it again? Oh yeah -- the mullet. Only the most despised and berated hairstyle on planet earth, popularized in the 80's by pro-wrestlers and other goons. Kanye, on the other hand is a very fashionable guy. What gives?

This is probably a good time to re-evaluate when and where it's appropriate to spot a mullet. For at least a decade and a half, the appropriate time to wear a mullet has been never (not even at a drunken frat party with a 'white trash' theme).

Does Kanye think the world of coif is trending toward another mullet-friendly era? Or is he just trying to force a second golden age for the maligned haircut?

We fully recognize that Kanye is by no means one of the worst mullet offenders, what he's really got is a pre-mullet -- but a mullet is a mullet and most big problems start out as small ones. What do you think? Do Kanye need an intervention, or does he know what he's doing?
Do you think someone should step in to help Kanye?
Immediately if not sooner! This 'do is DONE.39 (37.9%)
No way -- he's got a unique style, and it's working for him.47 (45.6%)
Probably, but I hope they don't. I really want to see where this goes.17 (16.5%)