The Relish ad featuring Rio de Janeiro cops molesting womenThe latest fashion ads causing an uproar don't come from the likes of Tom Ford. Rather, these perverted dandies come from a small Italian fashion label named Relish, and they're so offensive that even the mayor of Rio de Janeiro is asking that the billboards be taken down. Of course, part of the reason Mayor Eduardo Paes is upset could be the fact that the ads feature men dressed as Rio cops. The other part is, of course, the fact that the cops are molesting women.

If the goal of this campaign was intended to raise product awareness and name recognition, we'd say that it's a pretty big success. However, if it was intended to provoke feminists, reaffirm the notion that sexism is alive and well, or just to make city officials in Rio angry, it was an outright home run.

As usual, despite the provocative ads, we still kinda like the styles. What's even weirder -- we think -- is that advertisers like Relish would choose such an image in an attempt to sell clothing to women. Could they be trying to make some kind of too clever for their own good, self-reflexive joke about sexism? We don't get it.

Check out more of the ads here.

[via Jezebel]