Hilary Duff on the runway for the Heart TruthNo other celebrity can keep a fashion line in business, but Hilary Duff isn't about to let this dreary economy slow her down. Following in the footsteps of the incomparable Rachel Bilson, she's going to launch a denim line for DKNY.

And really, the Duffster doesn't plan on stopping with just denim. She explains her collection saying, "I wanted to do a really smart line, like jeans that have lots of multiple sizes of belt loops so you can wear any kind of belt with it and it still kind of looks cool, or jeans that have a spot for suspenders to hook on if you want to let them hang down. Or burn-out T-shirts with fringe on them and little, like, shrunken leather jackets and vests. What are some of the other things we did? We did some images with poppies on them, because I was into poppies at the time. And I wanted to do, like, necklaces attached to shirts but that girls can take off and wear in a different way, and the same with scarves."

Hmm. We're not following. So fringe plus poppies plus suspenders equals ... Hippy Grandpa? Is that the style Hilary's going for?