Ashley Dupre at Yigal Azrouel fashion weekKelly Cutrone, of People's Revolution/being on both The Hills and The City fame, committed a major faux pas when she accidentally let a prostitute into a major show at Fashion Week.

Ashley Dupre, best known for the roll in the hay heard round the world, with politician Elliot Spitzer, was seated front and center at Yigal Azrouel -- as if she were a real starlet!

Yigal was "shocked," to find out who was in attendance at his show and ended up firing People's Revolution "for mismanagement."

On the Scene at Yigal Azrouel

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Kelly responded to the drama, "Yes, I was fired by Yigal Azrouël. I didn't invite her [Dupre], but I wasn't going to kick her out or turn her away. We know one another, we're friends. If Ashley had shown up at Marc Jacobs' show, he would have been a hero. It would have been cutting-edge -- but Yigal and she weren't the best fit."

She adds that she holds no ill-will against Yigal, "I wish him luck. I improved his brand and helped to make him a name. I've been fired before, and I'll be fired again. It's the nature of our industry, and it doesn't upset me."

Spin, spin, spin, is the name of the game! And Kelly comes out on top of this one. Yigal ends up looking a bit stuffy and prudish. Or maybe this is all part of the plan to have them both in the headlines during fashion week. Because, right or wrong, Ashley was the most famous person at that show!

So what are your thoughts? Is an accidental prostitute in the front row really that big of a deal?
Was Yigal right to fire Kelly?
Of course. Fashion can't be taken seriously if you're worried about a girl in the front row turning tricks!350 (21.6%)
No. Everyone else in the industry is just as sexually active, so what's the big deal about a hooker?1267 (78.4%)