Sarah Jessica Parker Martin Margiela hoof boots

No, we are not making a joke at the expense of Sarah Jessica Parker having an unusually long face. We bow down to the goddess behind Carrie Bradshaw. We're actually referring to the fact that her boots look like they may require blacksmith to nail on some horseshoes. Because, they have a toe divider the way mittens do. Wait -- what?

We're confused just writing about this footwear.

The boots are made by famed Belgian designer, Martin Margiela who also does heels and sneakers designed in the same vein.

Did she just call up her stylist and ask for the craziest accessory item she could find to distract the public from her supposedly imploding marriage and impending divorce? Were these rejects from the Sex and the City movie sequel, so crazy that even Pat Field couldn't make them work in Carrie's wardrobe? And in more important questions -- will this trend stick? Do we want it to?!?

Take our poll and tell us what you think.
Would you wear hoof boots?
You couldn't pay me to wear them.25 (50.0%)
I'm drooling; I love them. Yes, yes, and more yes!15 (30.0%)
Personally, I wouldn't wear them, but SJP can do no wrong.10 (20.0%)