SHOW: Matthew Williamson
MAKEUP: Charlotte Tilbury for M.A.C
HAIR: Paul Hanlon for GHD
BEAUTY SNAPSHOT: Graphic minimalism and 90s chic
THE SCOOP: Matthew Williamson is known for his boho inspired runways, but this time around the designer wanted a whole new look. Hairstylist Paul Hanlon explained "We wanted to reference the early 90s, like the photos Steven Klein used to take for Vogue. It's all very graphic and minimal. Normally Matthew's girls are a bit boho and this season he wanted them to be the opposite. Much more finished, harder and more graphic." To get that feel they used a ton of hairspray at the roots and brushed the hair very smooth. "The result is almost like when a woman comes up out of the water." Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury also followed the 90s theme creating a blended gray eye and a red-ish brown lip. "Everything is matte and there's a lot of blending. We are using lip liner which is seen as very 90s but I think everyone should use it. Liner evens out the lip and gives you the perfect pout."

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