It's like June in February -- maybe everyone was inspired by Valentine's Day!

First we heard that America's Sweetheart (next to Jennifer Aniston, of course) Mandy Moore got engaged to her rocker boyfriend Ryan Adams. The pair, who have a ten year age difference, have been dating -- off and on -- for less than a year. But when love calls, it calls!

No one knows that better than Salma Hayek, who up and married her billionaire baby daddy, Francois-Henri Pinault. The couple have a daughter, Valentina, who turned one last September. We need to know, where are the photos?

Other stories we need more of include the sad saga of Chris Brown, the dish on Fashion Week, and the final week of Oscar build up.

HOTlist for the week of February 16, 2009

Chris Brown Sorry and SecludedFashion Week in NYCSalma Hayek Gets Married!Mandy Moore Engaged!It's Almost Oscar Night!