Kate MossAnd now we interrupt our continuing Fashion Week coverage to bring you this bit of gossip about über supermodel, Kate Moss:

Rumor has it that the 5'6 icon threw a major hissy fit at a recent photo shoot she was doing for a Roberto Cavalli ad campaign. Apparently, she arrived at the Los Angeles spot two hours late in an unpleasant mood and demanded that some flack give her a beer and then "proceeded to finish off beer after beer after beer while she was getting her make-up done."

Here's where we believe the rumor gets silly. First, by all accounts, Miss Moss is pregnant with beau Jamie Hince's baby and we don't believe she would be drinking so heavily during her pregnancy. Plus, Kate shot the Roberto Cavalli campaign months ago and it seems odd that her so-called bad behavior is just now surfacing. Nonetheless, we love hearing a bit of good gossip every now and then.

[via NY Post]