Qi Silk Cashmere Back Waisted Duster Cardigan
Qi, a clothing line recently sported by Rihanna and seen on Gossip Girl and America's Next Top Model, has a great line for spring. What caught our eye was the many uses they found for fabrics in their lovely and versatile "Pebble Grey" color.

Above you see their Silk Cashmere Back Waisted Duster Cardigan, which will be available this spring at Bloomingdales or the 500+ specialty stores that sell Qi clothes. Visit their website for more information on where to find Qi.

Is it the tough economic times that make a somber color so chic? Perhaps it's the way grey can add modesty to even the flashiest of outfits.

In our gallery below, we highlight some of the beautiful things Qi is doing with grey, gray, or whatever you want to call it. The pieces are terrific for layering with other fabrics, which we've been seeing all over the runway this week!

Great Greys and Grays from Qi

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