marie claireAfter what has seemed like an eternity, especially since we haven't had another round of Project Runway in quite some time, Marie Claire's foray into reality television -- Running in Heels -- is set to premiere on The Style Network March 1st.

The show, which will document the inner workings of the Hearst publication, had four camera crews follow editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, new implant Nina Garcia, executive editor Lucy Kaylin, senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts, and senior shopping editor Zoe Glassner for about five months. Oh, there are three interns who are captured trying to win the respect of their bosses to get, well, a job.

As far as if there are any Miranda Priestly esque editors on the show, Coles confesses to WWD: "I found out that there are a few divas here." Hm, this should be interesting.