sexy stewardess costumeSee-through uniforms might be a huge hit when it comes to boosting ridership in the States (maybe we'll send that suggestion to Amtrak). But in the UK -- where the train culture never really died -- women at National Express are complaining that the new almost sheer uniforms are simply demoralizing. To show their disgust, tons of female workers are sending the new uniforms back to HQ because they apparently "left little to the imagination." What's the deal? Is National Express trying to become the Hooters of the railway?

Surprisingly, few seem to be hurling around sexist accusations at National Express and the people in charge of picking the new uniforms -- who knows, they could have easily been women themselves. Instead, the battle cry seems to be that the buyers at National Express are just major cheapskates.
"The blouses are simply too thin and too cheap. This is yet another example of National Express cutting costs at every corner."
We have to wonder what the men's uniform looks like, it has to be of similarly low quality. Maybe they just don't care? According to National Express, they have been testing the uniforms for months and nobody has complained.
"We will of course change the fabric of the shirts if there is a problem. We are now liaising with the manufacturer."
You know something's messed up when prisoners are getting nicer uniforms than profession train workers.

[via Jezebel]