Storefront showing off its weavesBulletproof clothing has has been all the rage recently -- for instance, Obama's bulletproof suit -- but this is the first time we've ever even considered the possibility of a bullet resistant hair products. According to a police report coming out of Kansas City, Briana Bonds is alive today thanks to her extensions. Her incredibly tight weave apparently caught a bullet after her rampaging boyfriend opened fire on her while she sat in her car. We hope she tipped her stylist.

What sparked the shooting spree? Apparently, Briana told her boyfriend she didn't love him anymore. What else? After police arrived on the scene to take Bonds' lunatic boyfriend into custody, they found a spent round lodged in the back of her weave. Incredible. Briana now credits her life to her weave and, of course, divine intervention.

A local TV station interviewed the stylist who glued in the magic weave, Kim Walton. She takes weaves as seriously as anyone, but she's never heard of a weave literally saving someone's life. According to Walton, the bullet struck the toughest part called the weft.

We think Walton should definitely seize the opportunity to raise her rates and rename her her business "Life Extensions."

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