Unrealistic footwear is a runway hallmark, and at London Fashion week, un-walkable shoes have caused more than one mishap.

At Eley Kishimoto, models got so fed up with the heels, some of them actually took the shoes off and opted to walk barefoot. (See the frustrated fashion-plate on the right.)

At Basso & Brooke, models made it down the runway at a snail's pace to avoid taking a spill. And Gavin Rossdales' It-girl daughter Daisy Lowe visibly stumbled over her stilettos at Saturday night's Vivienne Westwood Red Label show.

Any fashion insider can tell you that a well-polished runway and a pair of amazing-looking shoes don't often get on well. Even the best-of-the-best can be felled by a towering platform or a broken T-strap.

Who knows -- with the recent rash of footwear fiascoes, it might not be long before cleats come into style.