Wish Room's male bra advertisementUnlike most people who use the term dude brah, when we put these two syllables together, we're not using them as a casual, stoner-like way of addressing a friend. Instead, we're actually we're actually referring to a new article of chest-supporting men's lingerie that has become a bestseller on Japan's top online shopping site. After going live with the man bra in November, the completely gratuitous lingerie for dudes has become one of the fastest selling items for Japan's cross dressers.

Wish Room -- the company marketing the man bra -- received positive feedback almost immediately, with many fans of the dude bra saying that they had been waiting for this product for a very long time. Who'd have thunk. We suppose they've had to resort to shopping for women's bras and stuffing. Now they've got their own lineup, in three colors: black, white and pink.

Earlier this month, we reported that lots of men -- who probably needed bras -- were getting uncomfortable with their moobs were opting for breast reduction surgery. Now it appears that men who don't physically need the extra support will be embracing their mosquito bites.

The man bra has created quite a stir in Japan, as you could imagine. Lord knows what kind of panic would ensue if the man bra trend were to migrate to the US.