Rusk Being Sexy HairsprayWhen we saw Charlie Price using RUSK Being Sexy hairspray backstage at Cynthia Rowley, we were excited to try it ourselves.

The first thing you notice when you spray Rusk Being Sexy is the smell. It's a good smell, floral with sexy vanilla. So far, we feel sexy. Yes.

Next, we noticed that it made our hair instantly shinier. The hairpray boasts "freezes any hairstyle with volume," and we definitely agree it doesn't weigh our hair down. We're sort of neurotic about how our hair feels, so we tend to spray to control flyaways, then brush the hairspray out a little. We did this, and everything looks pretty good.

Six hours later!

Well, a little frizz came up, but we've been out in cold New York weather; it's to be expected. The scent has faded, which we feel is good. The best thing is that our hair is still falling the way it was when we sprayed it, and our bangs still have some of that initial shine -- which doesn't look at all greasy.

So, is Rusk Being Sexy the best hairspray ever? We have yet to see a worthy competitor. It even has UV filters to protect your hair fro the sun! We'll say it: Rusk Being Sexy is the best hairspray ever!

We really love the smell. Meow! Get yours here on Amazon, or check out some of the other great Rusk products below.