Mustache Mask -- $14American Apparel, WTF is this? You've gone from mildly pornographic dance clothes for hipsters to thermal ski masks for bank robbers and other classic villains?

This mask is the solution for anyone who's ever thought: "Oh crap, it's great how this ski mask conceals my identity, but if they can't see my mustache, how will they know I'm the bad guy?"

Or: "How can I keep my face warm and still look like a pedophile?

Or: "There is nothing sexier than implied facial hair."

Have you said any of those things? Get yours here for $14.

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American Apparel Mustache Mask - Wn or Fail?
Epic Win.66 (48.5%)
Epic Fail.30 (22.1%)
Such an Epic Fail that it's a Win.40 (29.4%)

A Discerning Look at the American Apparel Mustache Mask

Mustache Type 1Mustache Type 2Type 2 with BlueType 2 in BlackAdvice

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