Commando IntimatesCommando Intimates makes underwear you'll forget you're wearing. Their sleek designs come as more than just thongs in a box. They make takeouts, cleavage cupcakes, lowbeams and matchsticks. No idea what we're talking about?

This stuff is seriously cute and definitely not visible under clothes. Not only can you get a box of Wild Undies for $58 (shown), but you can also get some real life-saving underwear technology from Commando Intimates.

Why is this underwear called "commando," when we all know that's our favorite term for not wearing undies? Invisible edges and a nylon-spandex stretch fabric. No one will know you're wearing them -- and if a woman is wearing a thong, and nobody can see it, does she still have a wedgie? Deep Thoughts by Annie Scott.

Check out some of their ingenious ideas below, or shop their awesome virtually invisible underwear here. And for the record, we originally spotted these at Darling.

Genius Solutions from Commando Intimates

Low BeamsMatchsticksCleavage CupcakesTakeoutsWild Thongs in a Box