You can catch "Running in Heels" on the Style Network on March 1, or, if you're really eager, just watch it online now.

The debut episode recently made its way onto the Web, and it's impossible not to compare it to the CW's "Stylista," which followed a group of contestants vying for an assistant-ship at Elle.

"Running in Heels" follows three newbie interns at Marie Claire. There's Ashley, who comes off as more than a bit entitled in episode one. (She shows up late to work on the first day because she can't decide what to wear. And then she doesn't even say "sorry.")

There's Talita, a West Coast Elle Woods who arrives to the interns' shared apartment with a chihuahua in tow. A chihuahua with a bladder-control problem and the name Chanel.

And there's Samantha, straight from the wilds of Wisconsin, who makes us feel nervous for her every time she shows up on screen.

When the intern-wrangling editor started off their first meeting by ordering the trio not to speak unless spoken to, we had a mini-revelation. We're really, really tired of watching this style of reality TV, in which underlings are tortured and humiliated for entertainment value.

UPDATE: As of Monday morning, the episode is no longer available on We hope you caught a sneak peek while you could!