Mickey Rourke and Loki pendant
Forget all of the fabulous designer dresses and exquisite diamond jewelry at the Oscars. Sure, statement necklaces were big, but we don't think any piece of jewelry got as much attention on the red carpet as Mickey Rourke's Loki pendant. Every reporter who spoke to him made a point to ask about it, and we think it was probably the single most talked about necklace on the red carpet. But who made it?

Betina Wassermann of Queens is responsible for the puppy pendant. She lost her pooch a few months ago and is still grieving, so when she heard about Mickey's loss (his chihuahua, Loki, passed away very recently at the age of 17), she was moved to create a pendant for the actor. She sent it to his New York publicist, and Mickey loved it so much that he called Betina to say he loved it, and, "I got it on and I ain't takin' it off."

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Of course, everybody and their mother has contacted Betina about creating a copy of the necklace, but she refuses. At the top of her Etsy site (wickedworld) is this message:
"If you are inquiring about a custom made pendant like the one I made for Mr. Rourke, please read the description attached to the image carefully. The actual Loki pendant is not for sale and is not being reproduced, but I will be more than happy to customize one for you with images you provide."
And, boy, is she ever keeping busy with creating those custom pendants -- she says the number of orders coming in for pendants of deceased dogs is "ridiculous" (we assume in a good way). Truthfully, we love it. We love that Mickey wore the necklace, and we love that Betina won't copy it. We might have to get one made with a picture of our dogs ... and at just $30, we could easily do so!