jessica bielWe are infatuated with Jessica Biel's radiant skin. So obsessed in fact that we have uncovered her makeup and skincare routine for you. We know – we really are awesome.

As we all know, a great skin routine is the foundation of a flawless face -- with or without makeup. And Jessica knows this all too well. We uncovered an ancient text of sorts, a September 2004 In Style magazine to be exact, wherein Jessica credits her healthy complexion to mom.

"For Christmas when I was 12, [my mom] gave me a Lancome cleanser, toner, and moisturizer and said, 'Make a little effort now and it will make a big difference in the long run.'" Sounds like a smart lady. As for the products, Jessica likes to use a complete skin care set that includes the above mentioned products. She has also noted using G.M. Collin, an Australian based company, that provides stellar protection and is highly regarded by derms down under.

In a more recent copy of InStyle, Jessica's makeup artist, Stephen Sollitto, dished on exactly how he gives Jessica her natural, dewy look. Because Jess likes her skin to glow, Stephen avoids any powders or heavy makeup. Instead, he applies a mattifying gel to soak up oil (perfect for those with oily or combo skin). Next, he soaks a sponge in water and then applies foundation because, "the effect is more like watercolor than paint." Last, he applies a fuchsia cream blush to the apples of JB's cheeks, claiming that, "the gorgeous pink color prevents her from ever looking washed out."

We noted that Jessica also uses rosy or deep red lip colors to match her flushed cheeks and always goes with a clean eye; never too smoky or over the top. On a final note, don't be scared of fuchsia blush either, especially a cream version which can be applied heavily and wiped off easily.

So there you have it; the scoop on Jessica Biel's fabulous skin!