Jennifer Lopez at InaugurationMaybe if we were as rich as Jennifer Lopez we wouldn't think twice about deciding to keep $50,000 worth of "lent" diamonds. Sort of like not bothering to return Tupperware to a neighbor.
Or maybe, if we had such an accomplished Diva Face, we would get so used to people being too scared to ask for anything back that we would forget that regular people have to pay for things.

And we know it's not likely, but perhaps Miss Jenny just really liked the diamonds she was lent by Swiss billionaire Robert Mouawad and didn't have the cash on hand to buy them. Seriously, it's been a while since she's had a hit, diapers are expensive, and Mark seems sort of like a tightwad. We wouldn't put it past a broke JLo to see if she could get away with keeping them.

Whichever answer is right, Jennifer's "people", including her manager Benny Medina, are working full time to put spin around her failure to return the diamonds -- or the clothes she borrowed! -- to host the fashion show for Andrea Lieberman's fashion line, ALC. Medina says she was offered the clothes and jewels in exchange for lending her name to the event.

Fine. If we say, "That sounds fair and square to us," will Medina keep us safe from Jenny's Lady Star Stare?

Jennifer Lopez's Lady Star Stare

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