nicole kidman on marie claireAs we previously mentioned, the first episode of Marie Claire's foray into reality television -- Running in Heels -- has leaked onto the internet (just in case you don't have the Style Network or missed the premier episode which aired this past Sunday).

So far, the most ridiculous and overly rude behavior has been directed toward the show's three impressionable interns. In addition to being ordered not to speak unless spoken to, they apparently were placed on a very strict diet by their bosses. Rumor has it that interns Ashley, Talita, and Samantha were asked to eat only "carrot and celery sticks" when dining in the Hearst Café.

However, we're going to reject the notion as false because if the interns weren't stopped while they were chugging free champagne, it's hard to believe anyone could force them to only eat vegetables.

What do you think?