President Obama at a press conference showing some major grayOnly a month and a half into his presidency, Barack Obama has reached one of the crucial turning points in a man's grooming life -- should he pick up a bottle of Just for Men, or let his hair go gray and just be thankful he's still got it? We've always been fans of the dignified silver-haired look, yet many men feel the pressure these days to go to war with the aging process. If Obama is going to act, now is the time.

Amidst rumors that Obama routinely dyes his hair to keep his youthful image, and even a few that has actually dyed his hair gray (we don't get that either), the President's barber, who goes by Zariff, swears that there's none of that going on.
"I can tell you that his hair is 100 percent natural ... He wouldn't get it colored."
Not that there's anything wrong with a man dyeing his hair. Some people are actually recommending it, like former NBA great Walt Frazer, who apparently encouraged Obama to dye the locks in a recent interview. Quoting his own Just for Men commercial, where a grey headed guy tries to pick up women at a bar: "Rejected. No play for Mr. Gray."

Ronald Reagan was widely assumed to be an avid student of the art of dye jobs, while both Clinton and W both went gray with a vengeance. Do you think Obama should let it go? Is there something about dyeing your hair that's somehow not presidential?