Lily Allen performsTattoos applied after a night of boozing it up are just one of those things ... you never know when you're going to regret getting one, but you probably will at some point. Apparently, Lily Allen's tattoo remorse set in pretty much instantly. That's because the seemingly clever "Shhh ..." tattoo she had sketched on the side of her index finger turned out to be an almost exact replica of one that Rihanna got last year. Guess great minds think alike ... or something like that.

Maybe that should go, celebrity minds malfunction alike. Whatever the case may be, apparently Lindsay Lohan is in on this copycat tattoo thing as well. She and Allen were reportedly partying together in Los Angeles on the night that they decided to get matching tattoos. Aw, how cute.

Apparently, whoever thought up the idea couldn't seem to remember that they'd seen the somewhat practical design before. We say 'practical,' because in the world of body art, a shhh tattoo is pretty much the beacon of usefulness. According to Allen:
"I've since found out Rihanna's got the same thing, so it's not really -- I mean she's very cool -- but I thought I was being original."
[via Blackbook]