Amber Rose and Kanye West at Givenchy

Kanye West and his current girlfriend, model Amber Rose, attended Givenchy this Sunday at Paris Fashion Week. The colorful duo spiced up the show with their flare for the dramatic.

While we don't necessarily want to turn this into a racially charged debate, we think it's safe to say that the fashion world could use a little more diversity. It's nice to see one of the world's biggest hip hop stars taking an interest in the business, and taking it seriously. And it's even better to spot a girl who isn't a size 00 rocking the designer duds.

Since fashion houses tend to cater to celebs and we know Kanye isn't afraid to speak his mind on racial issues, could we start to see more black models on the catwalk? That might be reaching a little bit, but still, we can't help but wonder when Kanye is going to write an ANGRY BLOG in all caps about the Caucasian dominated world of fashion -- after all, that might be just what the designers need to push them in a more diverse direction.