Celebrity StyleFoul

    The NME awards are notorious for eccentric fashion choices, but none of them could compare to the outfit "created" by "music artist" La Roux. Wow.

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    Naomi's extra-long gown at the Vanity Fair Oscar afterparty seemed familiar. So we checked and, sure enough, we had seen it before -- on Daryl Hannah in the 1984 hit movie Splash!!

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    Michelle Monaghan sports an orange Louis Vuitton dress with a sequined side cut out. And tulle. And net. And mesh. And matching LV shoes with feathers. Will it ever stop?

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    Keira Knightley's smug expression is just begging us to judge this outfit that's somehow too small and too big at the same time.

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    We just have two questions: Why is Tilda Swinton wearing the human flesh dress made by serial killer Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs? And couldn't she at least have it tailored to fit her?

    Neither the color green nor those unfortunate shoulder pads are helping Jennifer Connelly look any healthier on the red carpet -- girl needs to eat!

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    Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, went pattern crazy while playing with the puppies at the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Centre in Cornwall, UK.

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    Up-and-coming Australian actress Teresa Palmer is drop-dead gorgeous. The shiny hair, the bright, expressive eyes, the thin-but-not-scary-skinny body ... she seems to have the whole package. Except, maybe, for the whole dressing for the red carpet part.

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    The thing is, we love the fit of this dress -- it's super flattering and classy. And Teresa shines in light colors, so the white and beige is beautiful. But seriously, what is the deal with the beige bra cups?

    Should we get past the weird boob accessories since we love the rest of the look so much? Or are those a deal breaker?

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    Of course Teresa isn't the only celeb who suffers from the occasional red carpet flop. Scarlett Johansson clearly has her off days.

    Oversized gold coat, check. High waisted pants that are way more frumpy than fashionable, check. What the heck was Scarlett Johansson thinking when she wore this outfit to the photocall for The Spirit in Madrid? This outfit is old lady-ish, and not in the sometimes hip Mary-Kate Olsen kind of way.

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While watching the show we kept pausing the DVR and squinting at her outfit, trying to figure out how the shiny, bubblegum pink scarf thing fit in with the animal print, which was a different rosy tone. We also think the dress was a third shade of pink, but that turned out to be the least of her problems.

Beautiful Women, Bad Makeup

    Most celebs wouldn't be caught dead bare-faced, but in some cases, they might have been better off. Isn't it a relief to know that even the most glamorous stars fall victim to makeup mistakes? From Drew Barrymore to J. Lo to Victoria Beckham, StyleList takes a look at Hollywood's biggest beauty blunders.

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    Salma Hayek. With her jet-black hair and hazel eyes, the striking Mexican-born actress doesn't need much more than a little here and a little there to play up her heritage. But layer on the costumey red lipstick, the silver shadow and the mile-long lashes, and the star looks like she's trying too hard be in an Art Nouveau poster.

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    Katy Perry. OK, Katy, we know you're a girly-girl. But, honey, you're only 24, which means that now's the time to play up your fresh-faced sweetness. The too-blue shadow, bold black liner and overly-oranged cheeks age you. Even you look surprised.

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    Carla Brunei. This is the woman who swept the president of France off his feet? Though Carla Brunei's appeal is obvious with her soft, understated makeup, she looks like a wood elf when she takes the scrub-faced look to extremes. Aren't world-famous models supposed to know how to put on makeup?

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    Kylie Minogue. Though the Australian pop singer has churned through 1001 over-the-top costumes, she's at her best when she sticks to simple hair and natural makeup. Poufed, pulled and sporting green eyeshadow to match her Grecian gown, Kylie is, well, an Impossible Princess.

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    Catherine Zeta-Jones
    No one likes letting go of sun-kissed summer skin, but heaping on bronzer is never the answer. The Welsh beauty is at her best when she plays up her Snow White complexion.

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    Selma Blair. Though actress Salma Blair is a real style chameleon, she's at her best when she plays up her funky elegance. Swipe on deep plum shadow and dark orange lips, and the impish actress seems to be working overtime to prove she's not her disarrayed sitcom character, Kim Craig.

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    Kristen Bell. The Michigan-born actress has one of those, healthy mid-Western complexions that seems to need little more than sunshine and a bit of lip gloss to glow. But the star's green shadow and darker foundation makes her look like the rest of us city girls who spend too much time indoors.

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    Sienna Miller
    Yikes! Does Ms. Miller own a mirror? From the looks of her orange lips and thickly penciled brows, the answer seems to be no. All Sienna needs to look camera-ready is some mascara, a touch of blush and pretty pink lips.

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    Victoria Beckham
    While Posh looks perfect with her sleek 'do and flawless face, her attempt to look ultra-sophisticated at this year's CFDA Awards backfired big time. Her severe up-do, too-red lips, shimmery shadow and blush overload makes her look like she could be David's mother, not his mate.

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The next day we were looking through event photos and saw the entire outfit, in full glory. And it makes even less sense!

  • The scarf has some kind of geometric, almost art deco pattern in sequins, which is confusing with the animal print
  • The shoes are pretty, but too structured with all the flowy layers she has happening
  • The sheer hose are oddly heavy with her big, tanned expanse of cleavage
  • The bag is totally cute, but doesn't go with the shoes, and why is she carrying a giant bag on the red carpet? Isn't that what assistants are for?

We loved her hair and makeup, but there's so much going on here that we can't sort it all out. Slap a StyleFoul! sticker on it, we give up!

Celebrity Fashion Mistakes

    With teams of stylists and access to the top designers, celebrities have a definite advantage when it comes to getting dressed. But when choosing the best outfit for their body types, even stars can make mistakes. Designer Bradley Bayou tells us when they got it right -- and wrong.

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    This could possibly be Jessica's worst look ever. Her challenge is to keep her broad shoulders and wide hips balanced while defining her waist. To start, this cap-sleeved turtleneck adds weight to her upper body. The pants pockets offset the natural balance of her shape and the high-waist cuts her body in half.

    Rodrigo Marques, Splash News

    What a difference! With a belt defining her waist, the ruffled top and A-line skirt of this pretty dress keep Jessica's proportions balanced. Even her strappy shoes help elongate the vertical line of the body, making her seem taller and perfectly proportioned.

    James Devaney, WireImage.com

    This dress does nothing to broaden Julia's shoulders, which is necessary for triangle shapes to balance their shapely bottom halves. The straight shift cut doesn't define her waist, making her seem bottom-heavy and imbalanced.

    Lester Cohen, WireImage.com

    The draping scooped neckline of this dress gives the appearance of broader shoulders and makes Julia's waist seem smaller by balancing her lower-body curves. The slightly flared skirt flows over her hips creating a long lean line.

    Dimitrios Kambouris, WireImage.com

    A waistband, like the one this dress, normally would define Demi's rectangular shape, but the excess fabric adds weight and hides her balanced shoulders and hips. The result? A shapeless silhouette.

    RAFA RIVAS, AFP/ Getty Images

    The sweetheart neckline and cap sleeve on this fitted dress widens Demi's shoulders while the ruched skirt and princess line detailing add curves and give the appearance of a smaller waist. These two elements balance Demi's shape, achieving an hourglass silhouette.

    Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images

    Reese always looks great, and this gown is no exception. However the shade is a little too close to her skin tone. A bit more color would really make her glow!

    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

    This simple sheath looks stunning on Reese's petite frame, and the color perfectly highlights her skin and hair. The fitted bodice and subtle, braided belt define her tiny waist without distracting from the dress' clean line, and her bright red shoes are the perfect playful touch.

    SGranitz Wireimage.com

    This dress is ill-fitting at the hips and the shiny fabric picks up light -- both factors that accentuate Jennifer's wider bottom half. The unstructured top does nothing to create a strong shoulder line, which would balance her silhouette.

    Lisa O'Connor, ZUMApress.com

Celebrity Hair Secrets

    Kelly Ripa

    The golden goddess of morning shows is a slave to her hair dryer. Her stylist Oscar Blandi tells StyleList, "Kelly blows her hair out every day." In order to prevent the damage that comes with such wear and tear, she uses
    Blandi's Jasmine Oil Treatment ($26) weekly to strengthen her strands and add elasticity. A great drugstore alternative? Enriched with apricot and avocado oil, Garnier Fructis Strength & Repair Melting Masque restores luster to hair. Garnier Fructis Strength & Repair Melting Masque. $3.99, www.walgreens.com

    Jim Spellman, WireImage.com

    Katie Holmes

    "Katie's stylish, elevated bob with a subtle flip works for women who are on the go and embrace a fairly low maintenance lifestyle," says Boston celeb stylist Mario Russo. But for her trademark satin finish, Katie relies on Kiehl's Crème With Silk Groom. $17.50-$29.50, www.kiehls.com

    Steve Granitz, WireImage.com

    Miley Cyrus

    Stylist Jacqueline Bush coaxes Miley's thick hair into soft waves with the help of her Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron 1181. Not only will you get gorgeous curls, the low price of this secret weapon is just as alluring. $23.95, www.folica.com

    Gregg DeGuire, WireImage.com

    Catherine Zeta-Jones

    If you're bored with your hair, do what Catherine has done to her loose, flowing waves and add layers. Boston celeb stylist Mario Russo says, "This look works for any face shape, and draws attention to the eyes and cheeks." Bonus: Layers elevate your features, like an instant mini face-lift.

    Jason Kempin, FilmMagic.com

    Jessica Biel

    After a switch from platinum blonde to a golden brown, how does Jessica retain the health and bounce for her hair? Negin Zand of John Frieda Salon LA, who has worked on Biel's famous mane, recommends adding detangler to your beauty routine if you want to change shades. "Use it right after the shower to prevent breakage since your hair will be weakened." To add a glassy finish, try John Frieda Sheer Blonde Spotlight Sleek & Shine Detangler. $5.99, www.walgreens.com

    Steve Granitz, WireImage.com

    Halle Berry

    An endless parade of red carpet appearances puts lots of strain on this stunning star's hair. Halle relies on ECRU Sea Clean Shampoo to gently purify and smooth hair with silk and panthenol, and protect against drying UV damage all in one step. $18, www.ecrunewyork.com

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images

    Jessica Simpson

    The blonde bombshell has been known to change her hairstyle several times in a single day. To go from short and sleek to full and wavy in minutes without damaging hair, her stylist Ken Paves relies on his Hairdo extensions which let him avoid the damaging heat of dryers and curlers. Jessica's signature clip-in style? Hairdo 21" Human Hair Clip-In Extension. $399.95. The synthetic look-alike will only cost you $85. www.extensions.com

    Jim Spellman/WireImage.com

    Mariska Hargitay

    "Short hair is definitely making a comeback," declares Mariska's stylist, New York salon owner Adrian De Berardinis. While De Berardinis swears by Kérastase's replenishing Chroma Riche ($34) line to keep Mariska's hair vibrant, he also advises, "Pantene makes the most comparable moisture-rich drugstore shampoos and conditioners." Pantene Pro-V shampoos and conditioners, $5.49 - $9.29, www.drugstore.com

    Eugene Gologursky/WireImage.com

    Katherine Heigl

    How does this Grey's Anatomy star keep her tousled locks looking glamorous all night long? Her stylist Oscar Blandi tells us the secret is in applying a volumizer to the roots to give waves strong support and keeps hair from falling flat. Try Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray. $18, www.sephora.com

    Lester Cohen, WireImage.com

    Vivica A. Fox

    Sweeping updos are the perfect complement to Vivica's oval-shaped face. Addressing the unique moisture needs of ethnic tresses, stylist Johnny Wright applies Softsheen-Carson's Let's Jam Style Mega Hold Protein Gel to Vivica's towel-dried hair to create elegant sculpted looks. Wright adds, "It holds for hours and is enriched with Vitamin E to keep hair nourished and frizz-free." $4.29, www.walgreens.com

    Jesse Grant, WireImage.com