poppy barrettes from Flying ButtonsWe love the adorable hair clips and ponytail holders made by today's featured indie artist, Kristin Kline of Flying Buttons. Her hair accessories offer a cheap way to add a little pizazz to your outfit.

Tell us a little about yourself and your work. I consider myself a suburban folk-designer. I like to design items that are a mix of traditional, quirky, and cutting edge. I rotate these three different aspects in my shop line. I have chosen to focus on small accessories because I believe the low-budget items in your wardrobe can often have the biggest punch. A few well-placed bobby pins in the hair featuring layers of silk, organza, and chiffon which are burnt-edged into poppies can take a casual, inexpensive outfit to a high level of class.

How did you get started as a designer? I think its something most people are born with. I designed, hand-stapled, and tried to sell paper purses on the side of the road when I was six years old. Then I started sewing them. I sold my first hair accessories in grade school and junior high. My life has always been about designing items, and finding a way to market them to the public so they could share the things that make me happy. I haven't always pursued it as a career, but it has always been my passion.

What inspires your work? My shop mission statement is to make people happy, whether by looking at my item descriptions, reading my blog, (www.happyflyingbuttons.blogspot.com) or by wearing and loving my items. I bought a sixlet of fuzzy little chenille chickens, because they make me so happy when I look at them! Now they are my official fuzzy little sales assistants, the CheepCheeps. They send thank you photos to my buyers, and have become the stars of my blog with their funny photo shoot pictures! I am also inspired by other great artists and designers, and the things I see that make me say "oh!"

hair accessories from Flying ButtonsWho are your favorite designers? I have been self-taught all the way, and have long admired people like Charles Renee Macintosh, William Morris, people who were the movers and shakers in the Arts & Crafts era in the early 20th century. As for designers, the one I love the most is probably Betsey Johnson. And maybe this isn't fashionably correct, but I'm a great fan of anything Target! I do most of my shopping there for clothes. I scour fashion magazines for trends and then try to replicate looks at a lower-end price.

What are your top fashion & beauty must-haves? My own hair accessories! I started my hair accessory line because I was tired of plain bands. I usually wear a low ponytail, and I want it to look classy, even when I'm wearing a track suit. As for fashion, I can't live without Target workout clothes and track suits. They are low-priced, look bright and classy, and make getting dressed easy. On the beauty end, Lancome bi-facil eye makeup remover cannot be lived without! As well as their defincils mascara. Benefit eye-bright is a must. And the best eye cream of all time is Murad Vitamin C eye cream with SPF 15.

Any advice you would give to aspiring designers? To quote Joseph Campbell, "Follow your bliss!" Don't give up or think there are too many people out there doing the same thing you want to do. Every single buyer is an individual with decades of experience in creating their "fashion taste." There are always hungry palettes looking for new fashions and ideas, and your items will have a place at the banquet!

Where can people find your work? On my etsy site, www.FlyingButtons.etsy.com. Mention StyleList on your check-out and receive a free gift!

Anything else? I'm addicted to customer service. I want my buyers to have a great experience shopping with me, and I love getting input on design ideas. I love a buyer/seller collaboration that produces something amazing. I also love to read new blogs, so anyone who follows me on my blog, www.happyflyingbuttons.blogspot.com will get checked out as well!

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