kimora lee simmons and djimon hounsou at fashion week 2009Fashion princess Kimora Lee Simmons' friends have just spilled the beans that she and Djimon Hounsou had a commitment ceremony over the summer. How they managed to keep this a big secret for so long is beyond us!

However, the source put "heavy emphasis" on the fact that this commitment ceremony was not a marriage. We imagine that's because Kimora's divorce to Russell Simmons still hadn't been finalized at that point.

If you're a good little fashionista you're probably dying to know what Kimora's dress looked like right? Well, she actually wore traditional garb along with Djimon, as the ceremony was held in his home country, Benin, Africa. They "did it to show how committed to each other they are in front of his family."

But, since the couple is not officially engaged, who knows -- we may yet get to see our girl walk down the aisle in a big, white, amazing, designer dress!