Aretha belting My Country Tis of TheeIf you followed the fashion news coming out of January's historic inauguration ceremonies, you no doubt got an eyeful of Aretha Franklin's huge-ly controversial hat. You know, the one with the giant bow on it. Well, now that millinerial mishap hat is going to become part of the Smithsonian's inaugural collection, and then will be headed to President Obama's presidential library where it will reside -- for eternity.

Apparently, Aretha loved the Swarovski crystal encrusted hat so much that she had a tough time letting it go -- even though she could go get another one anytime at Luke's in downtown Detroit. Luckily however, Aretha had the wisdom to know that her hat had transcended personal attire, and was destined for a place much more prestigious than the rack in her closet.

No telling what kind of display the hat will be featured in. Hopefully it will include her awesome inauguration day rendition of My Country Tis of Thee playing in the background.

Also headed to the Smithsonian is Michelle Obama's inaugural dress, also picked and panned by fashion critics after the historic inauguration.

[via Jezbel]