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Despite the way Alice Cullen is portrayed in the hit saga "Twilight" -- a sexy, yet powerful fashionista vampire -- actress Ashley Greene is a down-to-earth actress with a casual style.

She came into the Market Center's showrooms in downtown Los Angeles with one mission: to find a new wardrobe for her upcoming Italy trip, where she'll be doing dress fittings and a read-through of the sequel "New Moon."

I had one of those mystical feelings that it was going to be a great shoot. I had a great lunch with my lovely girlfriend, Lindzi, who's an In Style Contributing Editor. And as we are waking back, we see that there's a restaurant right outside called the "New Moon" Coincidence? I think not!

The first stop was Paul & Joe Sister, the Parisian Couture line of Paul & Joe, which showcased plaid shirts and off-the-shoulder plaid dresses. Ashley found a handful of sexy, yet casual outfits. The perfect springtime European outfit.

Then we went up to Bordeaux, with cotton maxi-dresses and bright-colored ribbed tees -- the line is ideal for strolling down Venetian streets or sipping a cocktail by the hotel's pool.

She finished with clothing line Miss Me and long cotton dresses.

I stopped her for portraits in each designer's dresses, and was blown away at the results. Ashley has one of those faces that a photographer dreams of. She smiles perfectly, she's calm and she lets you take as many pictures as you want. And with Spring right around the corner, here are a few ideas for your new spring wardrobe.

Ashley Greene Portrait Session

Ashley Greene in BordeauxAshley Greene in Miss MeAshley Green in Paul & Joe SisterAshley GreeneAshley Greene in Paul & Joe Sister