Fashion Week Fall Trends

    One way to show off an "it" bag at Isaac Mizrahi. Is this look heady or too ahead of its time? Let us know in the poll.

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    Not major shoulder pads, but major shoulder at Marc Jacobs.Wild or wacky? Vote.

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    Hot, hot pink at Michael Kors. Is this topper the tops? Let us know in the poll!

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    Blimey, that's pretty limey at Michael Kors. Sublime or subpar? Let us know in the poll.

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    Blue chasing away the gray at Donna Karan.Like it? Vote in the poll.

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    A hot - hot pink, that is - librarian look at Malandrino. How does it rate in your book? Vote.

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    Pink and green, but not particularly preppy at Marc Jacobs. Is it wonderful or weird? Vote.

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    Not so mellow yellow at Marc Jacobs. Sunny or funny? Vote.

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    All tangled up in blue at Christian Siriano. Do you dig the drape? Let us know in the poll.

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    For the birds at Anna Sui. Does this look fly? Let us know in the poll.

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We all know that fashion is art, especially when you're talking about shows at the various Fashion Weeks. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and art is pretty subjective -- and Alexander McQueen's Paris show definitely had people questioning whether or not he crossed a line. As the New York Times put it so well, "Fashion is in a fractured state," and at a time when other designers didn't dare go over the top, McQueen gave a show that was, well, a show.

The set, created from remnants of the designer's past shows as well as broken mirrors, was only the beginning. The models were made up with theatrically large, bright lips and outfits playing off of past hits (i.e., Givenchy's Audrey Hepburn LBD and Chanel tweed suits). And then, of course, there was the model who walked the runway in a chainmail mask and sleeves.

Reactions were mixed, with some finding the collection "ugly and misogynistic." However, some were thrilled with the spectacle and the drama. McQueen (who has already done his bit for the "real people" with his slightly edgy line for Target) had this to say about the "ironic exploration of a designer's reinvention" before the show started: "This whole situation is such a cliché. The turnover of fashion is just so quick and so throwaway, and I think that is a big part of the problem. There is no longevity."

Well, if this is how he shows his frustration with the state of fashion (he acknowledged that this was the hardest he's been since leaving London), we're starting to see a bright side to the recession, because we love an OTT runway show!