We've been keeping tabs on Lady GaGa. Anyone who shares our aversion to wearing pants deserves to be on the radar, especially since she takes her pants boycott to the red carpet and stage (we, for the record, keep it within our own homes). Anyway, boy, are we glad we've been watching, because her latest sartorial foray did not disappoint -- girlfriend took to the stage wearing bubbles!

The first concert of Lady GaGa's tour, which took place in San Diego, was a clear indication that she's ready to give her fans the best show possible, popping in and out of a variety of kooky costumes, including this bubble wrap outfit (which brings us nothing but sheer delight, we have to say).

We're not going to lie -- had another songstress tried to pull off this look, we're pretty sure we'd have real issues with it. But because it's on the offbeat "Just Dance" singer, we're positively gaga over it -- so fun, so theatrical, it's perfectly GaGa.

Be sure to check out the gallery for a taste of what this bleach blond gem has brought us so far -- she just leaves us wanting more and more!