A model wearing the amazing Selk Bag in yellowLook, the Snuggie is fine for cheapskates who want to eat popcorn on the couch without cranking the thermostat up to a comfortable level, we get that. But there were days this winter when even a Snuggie couldn't warm you up. Enter the Selk Bag. For those who like to take things to the extreme, or who can't afford to heat their homes, just zip yourself inside this ultra-snuggly, sleeping bag inspired onesie and you'll never feel winter's icy breath again.

For only $119 on Amazon, you can grab one of these suits that look like a combination between a hazmat suit and a ninja robe -- a hazmat ninja robe that keeps you comfortable at temperatures as low as 14°F. Oh, and when we say onsie, we mean it quite literally. The Selk Bag actually has reinforced foot pads, just like your favorite childhood PJs.

The Lippi Selk Bag comes in three styles and seven semi-repellent color choices: yellow, green, brown, black, light blue, red, and white. We can only assume that these will dominate the runways at LA Fashion Week.

[via Asylum]