French Vogue's Carine RoitfeldThe speculation surrounding French Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld and a possible vacancy for the top job over at American Vogue with her name on it has just gotten much more interesting.

Rumors have been running wild that La Wintour may bow out at Vogue this year, citing her age (she'll turn 60 soon) and the fact that she's lost touch with readers as possible reasons for ending her 20 year stint with the Conde Nast tome. However, we're not sure we believe this. First, the issues that have come out so far this year have been amazing. With new models, new faces on the cover, and equally inspiring editorials inside, it looks like Wintour is ready to do everything but quit her job.

Still, it's been interesting to see how openly people like, say, Carine Roitfeld have been talking about potentially taking over at American Vogue. Just recently, when asked what she would do if asked to take over for Wintour, Roitfeld told CNN, "Of course I would consider it because it would be ridiculous not to consider such a huge position -- in terms of money and in terms of power. But I'm very happy. It's very much a small team (in Paris). America is a huge team. I know because I've worked for them before. I think it's not for me."

Right. It doesn't matter how much creative freedom Carine has over at French Vogue or whether American Vogue may appear "too political." If offered the job, Carine and Co. would be setting up shop in America within a heartbeat. Meanwhile, Carine's CNN: Revealed special airs this Wednesday. An air date for Anna Wintour's 60 Minutes feature is still unknown.