Most people think they know their true skin type, but in reality, most of them are dead wrong. In order to get the perfect, radiant skin we all want, it is imperative to know your real skin type and all it takes is a simple swipe test.

There are five basic skin types – normal, oily, dry, combo and sensitive. To find out which one you are, take the test as soon as you wake in the a.m. Grab a clean tissue, a piece of paper, or a blotting sheet. Dab your face with it, starting in the t-zone and then working your way around, taking note of where exactly the paper picks up traces of oil.

1. Normal Skin: The paper will not have any traces of oil, or may pick up small amounts of oil from the t-zone only. If you're normal, your skin will also feel and look soft and supple.
2. Dry Skin: Like normal skin, the paper won't have any oil on it, but it will most likely be flaky and will feel tight and dry.

3. Combination: Combination means you have both oily and dry (not normal – common misconception). If the paper blots up tons of oil on the t-zone but you note the rest of your face is flaky and dry, then you're a combo.

4. Oily: The paper will pick up plenty of oil from all over the face – the t-zone, cheeks, chin, and forehead. It's easy to spot oily skin because pores are often large and skin tends to be acne prone.

5. Sensitive: Sensitive skin will not pick up much oil but does tend to be dry and feel tight. It is often slightly reddish in color, may be flaky, and is incredibly prone to breaking out or feeling itchy or tingly when applying skin care