Sage wisdom from DVFDiane Von Furstenberg inspired us all with her commercials about "knowing what kind of woman" she wanted to become. Turns out she knows a lot about relationships, too! Last night on The City, sweet little Whitney Port was upset that her boyfriend Jared had decided to dump her while he was on tour with his band. DVF brought out the big guns.

Rather than coddle Whitney into a "He's probably just afraid of commitment" stupor, DVF gave this sage advice:

"I have something that my mother once told me that's really important: Absence is to love what the wind is to fire. When it's a small fire? The wind kills it. But when it's a real fire? It intensifies it. So that absence should do that."

All said with a sexy accent and a non-condescending warmth. We think that's pretty great. We hear she also makes a great wrap dress!