Iman. When we first got the chance to interview her, we were sure she would be cool (after all she is David Bowie's wife). But we had no idea what a wealth of information she would be on everything beauty and style. She even admitted to us that she uses concealer to hide "a multitude of sins." Plus she's super composed and she even threw in a few jokes for good measure. Who knew Iman, the supermodel of all supermodels, was so sweet, accessible, and funny, and has the same skin woes as us mere mortals?

What we originally went to Iman for was the 411 on her incredibly luxurious yet affordable IMAN Cosmetics line. We mean, who better to get tips from than a supermodel with perfect skin and makeup advice for days? Find out what she had to say in the gallery below.

Iman Talks Flawless Faces, Secret Beauty Tips, and Paparazzi

Iman on SkincareIman on a Flawless FaceIman's Beauty SecretsIman on Classic BeautyIf Iman were left stranded on a desert island...

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