We admit to being a little obsessed with The Katie Holmes Transformation. And now we know how she did it!

High Maintenance Celebrities

    It's expensive to be famous. Primping for the public eye prompts some stars to spend on their looks what the average American makes in a year. Here's a list of the biggest spenders.

    After being lambasted by the press for her wan look and too-skinny figure, Katie Holmes traveled to Japan in March 2009 for the Japanese premiere of Valkyrie - and a $42,400 makeover! The star reportedly spent $28,000 on veneers, $10,000 on spa treatments, $2,900 for hair extensions and $1,500 for makeup, all to return herself to her long haired, healthy-looking Joey Potter glory.

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    At 40, Jennifer Aniston has pulled off the incredible feat of looking better than the average 25 year old. How does she do it? Money, honey. Aniston insisted that her hairstylist (and good friend) Chris McMillan accompany her on her week-long trip to Europe to promote her movie, Marley & Me. McMillan traveled to and from London first class, stayed in top hotels, and billed over $2000 per day for his hair styling services - putting his total cost around $50,000. At left, is a picture of Aniston at the London premiere of Marley & Me. At right, is Aniston with everyday hair. Worth the $50k? We're not so sure...

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    Demi Moore stayed out of the spotlight for nearly a decade while she raised her family. And she returned for 2003's Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle looking, well, exactly like she did when we last saw her. The GI Jane star reportedly spent close to $500,000 on a head to toe surgical makeover, which she debuted to the world in a bathing suit scene, holding her own against the much younger figures of Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz in the movie.

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    Behold, Madonna in 2009 at 50, versus Madonna in 1987 at 29. Not much of a difference, is there? Sure, she's traded a little baby fat for a chiseled jaw, and plucked her Brooke Shields brows, but Madge has clearly spent a pretty penny keeping her up her looks. We'd expect nothing less from the original Material Girl.

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In the weeks leading up to her glamorous red carpet appearance in Tokyo, everyone was gossiping about how frail she looked. Then seemingly overnight, she became the gorgeous Katie Holmes we all know and love.

Now the Daily Mail has revealed that it wasn't magic that brought Joey Potter back -- it was money.

Yes, Katie used the time-honored (and super-effective) Hollywood tactic of bringing in beauty experts to massage, weave and powder her into movie star gorgeousness.

That expertise doesn't come cheap. Like Jennifer Aniston's $50k hair, Katie shelled out some big bucks for these results.

The Daily Mail puts a tag of £30,000 on her two day session, which included those fantastic hair extensions, massages, facials, dental veneers and something they call "premium make-up" which we secretly believe involves magic unicorn dust.

All of that effort and expense has certainly paid off for her. If we win the lottery, we're totally finding some of that "premium make-up." And of course we'll get the hair extensions, too!