Dr. David Matlock might look familiar. As one of the featured physicians on "Dr. 90210," the plastic surgeon draws reality TV-watching clientele from around the country -- and the world -- to his office in Beverly Hills.

Many of those patients are women looking for his help with one specific body part:
the vagina.

Matlock is a self-described pioneer in the field of vaginal rejuvenation, and his latest offering is the G-shot: a collagen injection into that sexually-charged bundle of nerves that bulks it up and makes it even more sensitive. I caught up with Dr. Matlock last week to get more info on this G 'thang.

He assures me that the eight-second procedure, which he's been performing for about five years, is quick and painless. (Rejuvenation, which can involve trimming the inner labia and tightening the vaginal canal, isn't quite so easy. The hours-long surgery requires total anesthesia, and patients have to wait a few months before having sex again.)

When I attended Dr. Matlock's G-shot "party" in Los Angeles last week -- half expecting (hoping?) alcohol to be involved despite the 9am start time -- there are two women waiting for an injection. One is Christine, a warm, 44-year-old housewife and mother from San Diego, who has already tried it once. (The shot's effects only last 2-4 months.) Another is Nancy, 38, who seems less enthusiastic about having a reporter ask detailed questions about her genitals. She's a mother of three who flies out from New York to see Dr. Matlock. "I wouldn't trust anybody else," she tells me, waiting on the couch in a velour sweatsuit, a Louis Vuitton bag perched next to her.

Christine had rejuvenation surgery about four months ago, and she isn't shy about recommending it to friends. "My husband gets embarrassed," she admits. "But if it can help someone else, why not?" In fact, Christine is so relaxed about the whole thing, she even invites me to watch her G-shot procedure. (I politely decline.) She says the first injection changed her life. "Now I'm always sparkling," she says, mentioning that even going for a run can bring her close to orgasm. Talk about a runner's high.

Dr. Matlock, who has the enthusiasm of a self-help guru, presents the procedures as a kind of by women, for women development. "It's about youth, form, function and appearance," Dr. Matlock says. "They all want the same things." To illustrate, the nurses show me a before-and-after book full of too-close-for-comfort photos of vaginal openings. Some of the before images resemble gaping, black caverns. In the after shots, they're transformed into nearly invisible pinpricks. After seeing some of the drastic changes, I can understand how rejuvenation could be a quality-of-life issue for some women. Still, the whole idea of the G-shot, which requires willingly allowing a needle to approach my vagina in the hopes of better sex, leaves me squeamish.

Dr. Matlock says the biggest risk in laser rejuvenation is bleeding and infection, which strikes less than one percent of patients. Clearly, though, both of these procedures will put your average bank account in grave danger. A "single shot" G-shot costs $1,850. A double, which both Christine and Nancy were going for, is $2,500. And for the whole tightening, trimming and firming laser rejuvenation surgery, prices can top out around $10k.

After all this talk about the quest for the ideal vajayjay, I have to ask: How, exactly, would Dr. Matlock describe the perfect vagina? He laughs: "I know it when I see it."