cindy crawford

Sure, she's genetically blessed.
But at 43, supermodel Cindy Crawford has a body coveted by women half her age. Witness her nude portrait in Allure's April anti-aging issue, which hit stands today. It's not many women over 40 (or over 30, for that matter) who can get away with wearing just a few dollops of fizz on their bits and pieces on the pages of a national magazine. So how does she do it? Hint, her beauty secrets include include microdermabrasion, protecting her hands and décolleté, and avoiding razor cuts at all costs....

Cindy Crawfords Beauty Secrets

    ALLURE: How do you feel about your age, in general?

    CINDY CRAWFORD: I think I look pretty good for 43. But I don't look the way I did when I was 23. So if Star magazine or whatever wants to print a picture of me on the beach from the back, at the worst possible angle, and say that I have cellulite, I'm like, Guess what? I do, and I never said I didn't. I've had two kids, and I'm 43, so leave me alone.

    Michael Thompson for Allure

    ALLURE: How do you take care of your skin?

    CINDY CRAWFORD: I use a day cream with antioxidants and sunscreen, a night cream, and an eye cream.I do masks once a week, and I get microdermabrasion once a month. I'm pretty diligent with microdermabrasion because I've noticed a big difference in the texture of my skin from it. Basically, I take care of myself, but I don't want to be obsessive, and I don't want to not like who I am today. I'm all for fighting the good fight, but I don't care how much you work out or how much cream you put on-things change.

    Michael Thompson for Allure

    ALLURE: Are there any areas you take particularly
    good care of?

    CINDY CRAWFORD: My hands and my décolleté. In L.A., there are 65-year-old women walking around in Juicy sweatpants, and from the back, you'd think they were 20. But when you see their hands or their neck, you know. When I put moisturizer on my face, I use a little extra so that I have enough to cover my hands. Most people don't start caring about the décolleté until it's too late, but I'm religious about it.

    Michael Thompson for Allure

    ALLURE: Do you try to keep your hair young looking?

    CINDY CRAWFORD: Color is the most important factor. You can get any plastic surgery in the world, but hair color is what enables women to look younger longer. I've also become more aware of hair health. I stay away from razor cuts because they can make my hair look frizzy, and I give myself a hair treatment while I'm in my sauna to keep it conditioned.

    Michael Thompson for Allure

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